Tuesday 10 January 2017

Tue 10th. Hebrews 2:5-12. You gave your Son authority over all your creation—Ps 8:2-5, 9. Mark 1:21-28.


'He taught them as one having authority.'

How did Jesus' teaching differ from that of the scribes, which the people were used to hearing? Instruction in the synagogue was based on the traditions of the elders in interpreting Jewish law. In teaching, the scribes would relate what others had taught before. In contrast when Jesus spoke the people sensed fresh revelation as the word of God cut straight to their hearts.
Jesus demonstrated his authority not only in word but in deed as well. He expelled the unclean spirit with a simple word based on his authority as the Son of God: 'Be silent and come out of him.'
Truly acknowledging Jesus' authority means knowing that Jesus is 'both Lord and Messiah' and that he sits at the right hand of God as ruler over all creation.

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