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Thursday 17th January, 2013
St Anthony. Hebrews 3:7-14. If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts - Ps 94(95):6-11. Mark 1:40-45.

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‘You can cure me!’

Perhaps the leprosy of our day is the social sin of greed or avarice that seems to have snared us all in one way or another. Sometimes it’s so subtle we fail to recognise it. At other times it’s just too hard to break away from the social ‘norms’ taking root in our country. At high levels decisions are often made purely in terms of economic viability. We may be appalled, but gradually that mindset seeps into our culture and into each one of us.

Paul says we become hardened by the lure of sin, and need the encouragement of one another to resist selfish trends. Today, let us come before the Lord with the confidence of the leper, asking for healing. Let us also come as a community, a community of Madonna readers, praying for one another and praying for our world.



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