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Monday 13th February, 2012
James 1:1-11. Be kind to me, Lord, and I shall live—Ps 118(119):67-68, 71-72, 75-76. Mark 8:11-13.

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‘Why does this generation demand a sign?’

These Pharisees show their hostility to Jesus. Instead of listening to his message with open hearts, they demand a sign from heaven. They’re tempting him just as the devil did after his long fast in the desert. No wonder Jesus is frustrated. They show they lack faith when they demand Jesus proves that he is from God. Not only does Jesus tell them there will be no sign from heaven, he leaves them. This was his last encounter with the Pharisees in Galilee.

Jesus calls us to grow in our faith. Discipleship is not about signs, but about a lived faith, trusting in ‘a God who gives generously and without scolding’. But, as James writes, our prayer ‘must be made with faith and with no trace of doubt’.



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