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Thursday 14th February, 2013
Ss Cyril and Methodius. Deuteronomy 30:15-20. Happy are they who hope in the Lord—Ps 1:1-4, 6. Luke 9:22-25.

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‘The Son of Man is destined to suffer greatly.’

Jesus is letting his disciples know something of what the future holds for him. It was very much an understatement of what lay ahead for him—a most horrific death indeed.

Without dwelling on the subject or expanding on it to the disciples, Jesus then turns his attention to the gathered crowd. He lays down the conditions of following him. His followers must renounce the self, take up his cross every day and follow him—Jesus, the Son of Man. As followers, we need to stay the distance.

Let us pray for the grace to save our life, to never be ashamed of Jesus and to always seek and enjoy the glory of Jesus and his Father.



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