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Wednesday 15th February, 2012
James 1:19-27. The just shall live on your holy mountain, O Lord—Ps 14(15):2-5. Mark 8:22-26.

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‘Do not even enter the village.’

The word has gone out that even a touch by Jesus can bring healing for all infirmities. Jesus, attuned to concerns of the villagers, hears their plea for their blind friend. He gently leads the blind man away and ministers to the sightless eyes. Gradually the blindness is removed and Jesus wisely recommends that he go straight home as he needs time and space to understand this tremendous change.

The request for healing is in itself an act of courage. One must acknowledge that the past is past. The future will hold new and unknown possibilities. How will we do it? Will our new eyesight lead us to a more fulfilling life? With faith and trust, the Lord will guide our new life. With Jesus as our companion, fears will dissolve, and we will be sustained by his loving care.



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