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Friday 15th February, 2013
Day of penance. Isaiah 58:1-9. A broken, humbled heart, O God, you will not scorn—Ps 50(51):3-6, 18-19. Matthew 9:14-15.

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You will cry for help and he will say: ‘Here I am!’

God has made many promises to us and we can always stand on those promises. Isaiah explains that God sees into our hearts. God knows the extent of our sincerity. If we ‘fast’ in the way that God wants then he will certainly answer the cries of our hearts. What a beautiful, yet simple, promise.

But what type of fasting is essential? It is definitely not just what looks good to others. The external is not important. From the goodness of our hearts we need to give of our time and energy to help others. We have heard it many times before in our church—the call to social justice. Who is God calling me to serve today? God will provide the opportunity; can I meet the challenge?



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