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Saturday 18th February, 2012
James 3:1-10. You will protect us, Lord—Ps 11(12):2‑5, 7-8. Mark 9:2-13.

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What is the difference between transfiguration and transformation?

It is interesting that the gospel writers use the word ‘transfiguration’ to describe the event at the top of the mountain. Would ‘transformation’ have meant the same thing? Obviously not, or they would have used it. Our popular culture loves TV shows about transformation—just think of all the house renovation programs. But these are all about the externals. Perhaps transfiguration is about the revealing of deeper realities.

In life, there are things that we cannot change. We cannot transform the past, or the reality of chronic illness or emotional suffering. Perhaps, though, we can transfigure them. Or, more to the point, we can allow God to transfigure our reality and reveal to us a deeper reality.

We can see things as God sees and open ourselves to a new vision which transfigures as well as transforms.



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