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Thursday 21st February, 2013
St Peter Damian. Esther 4:17. Lord, on the day I called for help, you answered me—Ps 137(138):1-3, 7-8. Matthew 7:7-12.

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‘Ask, and it will be given to you.’

Intimate relationships need to be built on the sure foundation of love and trust. If either of these elements is missing, we will have a crumbling edifice. This is especially true of our relationship with God. If it rests on fear or self-interest or any other motive it will never flourish.

Jesus had a hard time convincing us that God loves us and that his love can be trusted. He frequently used examples of how parent-child relationships work, and then would say, ‘Would you expect less from your heavenly Father?’ How many pious stories of divine retribution, punishment, hell and purgatory would be dashed to pieces if given this rocky test! Let us always treat others as we would have them treat us.



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