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Sunday 26th February, 2012
1st Sunday of Lent. V. Genesis 9:8‑15. Your ways, O Lord, are love and truth to those who keep your covenant—Ps 24(25):4-9. 1 Peter 3:18-22. Mark 1:12-15.

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Father, when I look at my own life and at the world there seems to be so much reason to feel desperate.

For ancient peoples, the world was full of mysterious forces they didn’t understand, that could easily catch them and destroy them. Floods, earthquakes, droughts and fires—all could break their weak grip on life. Today, even though we understand and to some extent control the powers in nature, we are still dependent on our world to sustain us. For our control of nature is not always for the good.

Yet, Father, you promised us, in the story of Noah, that you would remain faithful to the work of your hands. How could you let such a work of beauty and love be so destroyed? Thank you for your commitment to your world. In Jesus you made your faithful love for the world unbreakable. Jesus followed your will, even to a lonely and seemingly futile death. But, in his rising, your promise, Father, remains true.



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