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Tuesday 20th March, 2012
Ezekiel 47:1-9, 12. The mighty Lord is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge—Ps 45(46):2-3, 5-6, 8-9. John 5:1-3, 5-16.

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‘Wherever the river goes, everything will live.’

Water flowing clean and clear promises to revive, to cool, to cleanse, to quench thirst. The power of flowing water can be awe-inspiring. Ezekiel’s prophecy describes the water flowing from the temple and giving life to all. This is holy water that flows from the sanctuary, nurturing plants that produce fruit for food and leaves for healing.

The water in the pool where Jesus encounters the invalid seems to have none of this energy, purity or potential: it is surrounded by people who are listless and lame, who rely on others to ‘stir’ the water. The stagnation of people and water is oppressive, in stark contrast to Jesus’ clarity and authority.

The man who has not moved for 38 years is commanded to stand up, take his mat and walk. He is obedient and made well. Jesus has become the new river, the sustaining water that brings life.



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