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Thursday 21st March, 2013
Genesis 17:3-9. The Lord remembers his covenant for ever - Ps 104(105):4-9. John 8:51-59.

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Seek the Lord and his strength.

To read the whole of today’s psalm gives us such an assurance of God’s faithfulness which he promised to Abraham and all of his descendants. In return God asked only that his people keep his laws.

Under the new covenant of Jesus, we are promised eternal life which he won for us by his death on condition that we follow his example. ‘Whoever obeys my teaching will never die.’ With the world around us becoming more violent, aggressive and self-serving, we who abide in Jesus ought to walk in the same way he walked—in kindness and love.
We can spread this love and kindness to all we encounter by keeping in the light of his faithfulness and by reminding ourselves of his covenant. Lord, help us to transform our world with your strength.



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