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Saturday 31st March, 2012
Ezekiel 37:21-28. The Lord will guard us, like a shepherd guarding his flock. Jeremiah 31:10-13. John 11:45-56.

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He gathered together in unity the scattered children of God.

The fulfilment of Simeonís prophecy (Luke 2:34) that Jesus would be a sign of contradiction is nowhere more evident than in Johnís gospel, especially in the scene following the raising of Lazarus when many believed in him and others, the leaders of the people, sought to destroy him.

Supported by their faith in Jesus and displaying like courage in the face of their adversaries, Christians across the ages have witnessed to the Good News, even to the shedding of their blood. They died not simply of something, as we all do, but for something. As we approach the end of Lent and are about to enter into Holy Week, we might well ask ourselves whether, if we were charged with being a Christian, there would be compelling evidence to convict us.



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