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Thursday 4th April, 2013
Easter Thursday [St Isidore]. Acts 3:11-26. O Lord, our God, how wonderful your name in all the earth! - Ps 8:2, 5-9. Luke 24:35-48.

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‘Feel me and see!’

In each of these readings, Luke is endeavouring to convince pious Jews that Jesus is the fulfilment of the prophecies and that by following him they are being faithful to their calling. In the gospel reading, Jesus is saying that the way to know him is to touch him. When the disciples doubt, Jesus sits at table with them once again. He touches them and they touch him, not only metaphorically but in reality. ‘See that it is I myself.’

This is the sign, this is where we shall find him, at the table with our fellow Christians. The centre of our faith is not prophecies. Nor is it law. It is Jesus Christ, dead and risen, there in the midst of us as we eat. ‘Feel me and see.’ How prosaic, yet how touching! Tangible things and people are signs of our faith.



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