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Monday 8th April, 2013
Annunciation. Acts 4:23-31. Happy are all who put their trust in the Lord - Ps 2:1-9. John 3:1-8.

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‘The wind blows where it pleases; you can hear its sound.’

Jesus’ words to Nicodemus seem to imply that we have little chance of seeing the kingdom of God. We must be born again of water and the Spirit if we are to become spirit. On this feast of the Annunciation we are reminded of Mary’s calling in the Spirit.

How often might we be called by the Spirit to witness to our faith or to speak up against the ways of the world which promote injustice? Are we vigilant in watching for God’s presence in our lives, always prepared to make a difference in our own arenas of family, work and play? ‘The wind blows where it pleases’, Jesus says, and we should listen for its sound. It might just take us into uncharted but inspiring places.



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