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Tuesday 10th April, 2012
Easter Tuesday. Acts 2:36-41. The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord—Ps 32(33):4-5, 18-20, 22. John 20:11-18.

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‘I have seen the Lord!’

Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene in the tomb where he was buried. What a shock it must have been for her. One minute she is weeping for the loss of Jesus and then he appears before her. She goes, as Jesus asks her, and tells the disciples that she has seen the Lord.

Have there been times in our lives where we are weeping, like Mary, for the loss of someone so treasured by us that our hearts are breaking. Our tears and sadness tell us many things about our state in those times. We are in great need of comfort, understanding and love. We ask Jesus to be there with us just as Mary was at his tomb. We ask him to listen to our sorrow, wipe away our tears, help us carry the burden of our worries, and wrap us with his love.



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