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Saturday 20th April, 2013
Acts 9:31-42. What return can I make to the Lord for all that he gives to me? - Ps 115(116):12-17. John 6:60-69.

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‘What return can I make to the Lord for all he has given me?’

My child looks at me and smiles his first smile and I know in that instant I am blessed. How can I repay God? What can I offer him in thanks for his great goodness? He has looked at me with love and compassion and blessed me with life, the gift of children, of family.

How can I ever repay this generosity? My happiness and gratitude are overflowing. My spirit dances. I shall give God my time. A quiet prayer. A grateful pause. A moment of grace and thanksgiving in my daily life. A breath of pure praise. I lift up my spirit to God, for all that is good and lasting has come from him.



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