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Monday 23rd April, 2012
St George; St Adalbert. Acts 6:8-15. Blessed are they who walk in the way of the Lord—Ps 118(119):23-24, 26-27, 29-30. John 6:22-29.

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‘Believe in the one God has sent.’

Jesus was followed by the crowd who were looking for food, but Jesus admonished them, reminding them to work for food that lasts longer than bread. Jesus knew that food alone can never fully satisfy the human heart.

The bread of Jesus is not to be found in a bakery or supermarket, but in following his example and living the Gospel he brought for us. The best way is to invite him to make his home in our hearts and to live out of this heart in our world today, a world that is in desperate need of him.

And to share this bread we need to keep in touch with the source, by celebrating Eucharist, by meditating on Scripture and listening with the heart to where he is calling us today.



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