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Sunday 28th April, 2013
5th Sunday of Easter. W Acts 14:21-27. I will praise your name for ever, my king and my God - Ps 144(145):8‑13. Apocalypse 21:1-5. John 13:31-35 [St Peter Chanel].

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‘I give you a new commandment—love one another.’

Jesus speaks as one already glorified because the events relating to his glorification have already begun. In his passion and death, his life achieved its purpose—the salvation promised by God for the world.

As Jesus prepared the disciples for his approaching departure, he emphasised the commandment to love.
There will be a temporary separation in his death, but in their love for one another the disciples will still be able to experience Jesus in their midst.

Moreover, they are to love as Jesus loves, not selectively, but with a love that extends to all people. This kind of love will be a sign that they are truly his disciples and that he is still living in them.

Lord, help us to see how you live in us too as we try to live your commandment to love.



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