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Saturday 4th May, 2013
Let all the earth cry out to God with joy. Ps 99(100):1-3, 5. John 15:18-21.

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I chose you out of this world.

Being chosen means that we are part of the divine design, the design of love, whereby the Father, Son and Spirit create and draw us into the kingdom of love. Jesus anticipates the vulnerability of his friends, knowing that they are only truly strong when he is beside them. However, the recognition that we are chosen imparts a certain strength. We find that we are able to step away from the crowd, and have the ability to behave with a clear and independent mind. The status quo may not contain the best solutions.

In Jesus, gentleness, self-control and compassion become standard components of our life. These attributes are only achieved by walking with Jesus in our daily round. Let us ask for his guidance in using our talents.



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