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Friday 10th May, 2013
Day of penance. Acts 18: 9-18. God is king of all the earth. Ps 46(47):2-7. John 16:20-23.

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‘Do not be afraid to speak out: I am with you.’

The reading from Acts echoes Jesus' words not to be afraid. Jesus endeavours to encourage his followers as they lament his imminent leaving: ‘Your sorrow will turn to joy.’ Trying to explain how joy can emerge from suffering, he uses the analogy of a woman in childbirth. Soon, through his death, Jesus will show both the evil and the good that people do. He accepts his suffering without fighting back, showing us how to absorb and so transform suffering. He shows us the brilliance of human potential, our best selves, in contrast to the hatred and fear expressed through violence.

As we move through challenging times we can be reborn and we can encourage others too. We can be fearless and speak out, knowing God is with us. We can transform our vulnerability into strength and our fear into peace through tolerance and compassion.



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