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Saturday 11th May, 2013
Acts 18:23-28. God is king of all the earth. Ps 46(47):2-3, 8-10. John 16:23-28.

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In todayís gospel Jesus speaks of his relationship with God, his Father.

Jesus came from the Father with good news and now he returns. When Jesus speaks of coming and going he isnít talking of moving from one place to another. He is talking about being present to us in a different way. Through his death, Jesus consummates his humanity and enters most fully and deeply into the fabric of creation, where God dwells. Here is the heart of the Easter message.

By the grace of God in Jesus, creation is reinvested with its holiness. Ordinary and common things are shown to be holy things-bread and wine, water and earth, marriage and parenthood, career and vocation. Our living and our dying become good and holy, and the world in which we live and die and rise is the world in which God lives and dies and rises. Lord, for this we give thanks.



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