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Saturday 25th May, 2013
St Bede the Venerable. ST GREGORY VII. ST MARY MAGDALENE DE PAZZI. ST M MADELEINE SOPHIE BARAT. Ecclesiasticus 17:1-15. The Lordís kindness is everlasting to those who fear him. Ps 102(103):13‑18. Mark 10:13-16.

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The Lordís kindness is everlasting to those who fear him.

Todayís gospel presents a very docile, compliant picture of little children which might vary from the experience of many parents. We think of a two-year-old who has just discovered the power and assertiveness of ĎNo!í Or the oh-so-cool and virtuous four-year-old, issuing judgements on all and sundry.

The gospel picture of Jesus taking the children into his arms and blessing them is an image which we treasure, but the point of this passage is Jesusí rebuke to his disciples. He reminds them that it is not for them to decide who are to be his followers, but to accept whoever he, Jesus, embraces. Faith is a gift of God. All are welcome.



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