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Sunday 26th May, 2013
Trinity Sunday. W. Proverbs 8:22‑31. O Lord, our God, how wonderful your name in all the earth! Ps 8:4-9. Romans 5:1-5. John 16:12-15. [St Philip Neri].

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I was by Godís side, delighting him day after day.

Lord, you always intended me to be like that Wisdom who was by your side in the beginning. You always wanted me to share your delight in living. You yearn to give me all that is yours. You long to see me dancing and singing, walking in your love and loving your other children, especially the unhappiest ones. Even though I refuse your gift at times, too proud to call you Father, or too blind, your heart does not cease to love me.

Jesus is always our brother so that we may always be Godís children. He puts the same love in our hearts that enabled him to endure all his sufferings. The Holy Spirit is our hope, keeping Godís plan alive and Godís name wonderful throughout all the earth.



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