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Saturday 20th July, 2013
St Apollinaris. Exodus 12:37-42. His love is everlasting - Ps 135(136):1, 10-15, 23-24. Matthew 12:14-21.

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That night was to be kept in honour of the Lord for all generations.

The movement of thousands of Israelites out of Egypt is epic in scale and dramatic in story and pace. With no time for bread to rise, the people took with them what they could. The necessity of eating small flat loaves in the desert formed the ritual foundation of the Passover. Even now the Passover is a remembering of the journey, of the time when freedom from slavery was achieved. A memory of being saved and loved.

Memory is held and shared through ritual and tradition. Our celebration of Eucharist echoes the Passover, the memory of how God loved his people so much that he granted them freedom. And the unleavened bread which becomes the Body of Christ reminds us of God's son, champion of justice and giver of hope.
Lord, may the simplicity of bread shared remind us of you, of all you sacrificed because you loved us.



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