Fri - 19.09.14

Friday 12th October, 2012
Day of penance. Galatians 3:7-14. The Lord will remember his covenant for ever. Ps 110(111):1-6. Luke 11:15-26.

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‘Those who are not with me are against me.’

We live in an age of sound-bites, talk-back radio, news headlines on smart phones, opinions spread by Facebook and Twitter and more. It seems almost counter-cultural to prefer to read reasoned opinion pieces in quality newspapers, listen to news radio or watch balanced current affairs programs. Preferring books to television seems quaint. Yet how else can personal opinion, choice and value formation take place?

If I am to decide on a moral position on major issues, I need to stand apart from the crowd, become informed and be ready to defend my stance. In matters of faith, I need to be educated, to reflect and pray and to live according to an informed conscience.

Jesus, am I ready and willing to live as your follower and companion? Help me to do this.



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