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Saturday 3rd November, 2012
St Martin de Porres. Philippians 1:18-26. My soul is thirsting for the living God—Ps 42(43):2-3, 5. Luke 14:1, 7-11.

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Love of God is inseparable from love of our neighbour.

St Paul puts this in the first reading: ‘I want to be gone and be with Christ, which would be very much the better, but for me to stay alive in this body is a more urgent need for your sake.’

Paul, like the Psalmist, is thirsting for God, the God of his life. In the aloneness of prayer, in reflection on the blessings of his own life, Paul found the centre and goal of all his activity. He knew God as his All. And yet, in the very midst of this absorbing love, he is torn by concern for the people who have entered his life. The prayer that unites him with his God ties him the more firmly to his relatives and friends. Jesus, teach me to pray like this.



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