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Monday 5th November, 2012
Philippians 2:1-4. In you, Lord, I have found my peace—Ps 130(131). Luke 14:12-14.

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Like a child quieted is my soul.

I was at the baptism of a good friend’s first child. As the water was poured over her forehead, little Lily’s eyes became enormous and then she roared. The minister dried her off and tried to comfort her, but Lily was having none of it. He passed her back to her mum and immediately she was calmer. She had such trust in her mum: she knew that in her arms she was safe and that everything would be okay.

Today’s psalm speaks of calming and quieting the soul. Such trust is not as easy for adults as for a child, but maybe we can learn something from Lily and other babies. If we seek refuge in God, then we are safe and everything will be all right.



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