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Sunday 11th November, 2012
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time. G. 1 Kings 17:10-16. Praise the Lord, my soul!—Ps 145(146):7-10. Hebrews 9:24-28. Mark 12:38-44 [St Martin of Tours].

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‘She has put in more than all the others.’

You, Father, are a God of abundance and of life. The widow was rewarded for her generosity, rewarded beyond her dreams. How often, Lord, we feel trapped by our life and our surroundings. We don’t seem to hope or dream very much.

‘How blind you are, my child. You really are a child! You are full of self-pity at your own lack of generosity. Can you not see the power of my Son’s death? You share in his love and his overflowing goodness. Do not expect to change the world and do not compare your life with others’ lives. Look at the people nearest to you. Do you really love them? Are you prepared to suffer discomfort, embarrassment, tiredness for them? Can you rejoice with them? If you trust me, I will make the dull ordinariness of your life shine brightly.’



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