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Saturday 17th November, 2012
St Elizabeth of Hungary. 3 John 5-8. Happy are those who fear the Lord—Ps 111(112):1-6. Luke 18:1-18.

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‘Pray continually, and never lose heart.’

If we listen to children we often hear phrases such as, ‘Oh come on, Mum’ and ‘Why can’t I, Dad?’ and ‘Oh please!’ And if we listen to parents you will hear a father say, ‘Go and ask your mother’, and a mother say, ‘Go and ask your father.’ And if the children keep asking, like the widow in the gospel today, mothers and fathers can be heard to succumb in desperation to the pressure and sigh, ‘OK, OK’, as the judge did.

Of course most parents do good things for their children without having to be pestered—and that is what God is like. Just as we are kind and generous and loving to the little ones, so God is with us. Jesus reminds us to pray continually to this loving God and never to lose heart.



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