Sat - 20.09.14

Monday 10th December, 2012
Isaiah 35:1-10. Our God will come to save us!óPs 84(85):9-14. Luke 5:17-26.

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They could not find a way through the crowd.

Lord, in your day people came from miles around to see you; but not all of them came to love and follow you. Many came out of anger, jealousy and hatred for you and for the truth that you brought. I want to come to you sincerely, with an honest faith in my heart.

These days, I do not have to push my way through crowds to see you. More often than not, there is no one else in the church. I have it all to myself. So what is fighting against me and keeping me away from your love and kindness? Is it my selfishness and love or worldly gains? Is it that I donít have the faith to believe in your presence? Lord, give me the faith that the paralytic had. Help me in my unbelief.



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