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Friday 21st December, 2012
St Peter Canisius. Day of penance. Song of Songs 2:8-14 / Zephaniah 3:14-18. Cry out with joy in the Lord, you holy ones; sing a new song to himóPs 32(33):2-3, 11-12, 20-21. Luke 1:39-45.

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In the Lord do our hearts find joy!

Todayís readings lead us into the time of rejoicing as we prepare for the birth day of our lord and saviour. Maryís visit to Elizabeth and their joyful greetings are a prelude to the Magnificat, the inspiring praise of Godís mercy and love for his people.

The poetic love song of the Song of Songs and the psalm promise that Godís hand is on all who hope in his steadfast love. We can pause from our busy preparations to reflect more deeply on Godís abiding love for all. Our response to this is to spread that love to those around us. What we have received overflows to the poor, the lonely and neglected as well as those nearest and dearest to us through our hospitality and inclusion of others in our celebrations.



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