Friday 15 May 2020

About Today Readings

Acts 15:22-31. I will praise you among the nations, O Lord – Psalm 56(57):8-12. John 15:12-17.

I command you to love one another

If you spend much time on social media, it’ll be obvious that society today is becoming much more fragmented. Social media allows everyone a voice, but also allows anyone to listen to the voices they most agree with. People with shared worldviews come together in tribes, and see anyone who doesn’t share those views as the opposition or ‘other’. Even the Catholic Church has been fragmented by these online ‘tribes’.

How do we respond to this? I wonder if we might take the advice of Jesus in today’s Gospel: ‘Love each other’.

So long as we see ourselves as part of a tribe, in opposition to another tribe, then we are always going to breed division. Love demands more than that. It demands that we see all people, even people we disagree with, as people worthy of our time and care. Let’s pray today that our communities, offline and online, might learn to respond more lovingly to one another.

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