Monday 11 May 2020

About Today Readings

Acts 14:5-18. Not to us, O Lord, but to your name give the glory – Psalm 113B(115):1-4, 15-16. John 14:21-26.

‘The Holy Spirit… will remind you of all I have said to you’

According to the dictionary, an ‘advocate’ can support, write/speak in favour of, or recommend publicly. The Holy Spirit does all these things, but are they for us or for God? Perhaps we could say both. The Holy Spirit supports and encourages us to live our faith fully, and is the love of the Father and the Son for us. Yet, the Holy Spirit also advocates for God, directing our attention to God’s word in our world. So are we called to be advocates: supporting others in their faith journey, directing their attention to the love of God through Jesus Christ.

How might we reframe admiration or praise for our actions today and turn it instead to the source of all that is good?

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