Monday 25 May 2020

About Today Readings

Our Lady, Help of Christians

Ecclesiasticus 4:12-21. Blessed be the name of the Lord for ever – Psalm 112(113):1-8. 1 Corinthians 1:18-25. John 19:25-27.

‘Here is your mother.’

While dying, Jesus calls the beloved disciple to become a son to his mother Mary. In so doing, he calls Mary to widen the reach of her love, compassion and care. Our church considers this passage as ushering in Mary’s place as ‘mother of the church’ and ‘our mother.’ Today, we celebrate ‘Our Lady, Help of Christians’.
We call on her help when we pray the ‘Hail Mary’ and affirm ‘The Lord is with thee’ (Luke 1:28). At some basic level, Mary helps us to realise that this is true of our own lives too. Mary invites us to attend to her son’s presence with us. Like her we can ‘treasure’ our experience of Jesus (Luke 2:51). Let’s ask for the grace that one day we will be able to give thanks with her, declaring ‘the Mighty One has done great things for me’ (Luke 1:46-56).

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