Saturday 16 May 2020

About Today Readings

Acts 16:1-10. Let all the earth cry out to God with joy – Psalm 99(100):1-3, 5. John 15:18-21.

The world hated me before it hated you

Hendrika: ‘Jesus, you do go on about the world being our enemy! That’s not the world I know – a beautiful place full of ordinary people doing the best they can, all of them God’s creatures. They don’t hate me or you. Lighten up!’

Jesus: ‘Your beautiful world, Hendrika, does seem to leave a lot of people, like me and my followers, dead in the gutter. But when I speak of the world I don’t mean the beautiful world that the Father made, but that part of the human world that is shut in on itself, afraid, grasping and envious. It resents love and goodness, and the joy of the Gospel. Haven’t you ever met this dark world in your life?’

Hendrika: ‘Yes, Jesus, I have. But I know your love is stronger than its darkness.’

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