Tuesday 12 May 2020

About Today Readings

Acts 14:19-28. Your friends tell the glory of your kingship, Lord – Psalm 144(145):10-13am, 21. John 14:27-31.

A peace the world cannot give is my gift to you

Jesus offers a peace that the world cannot give, and yet it is sometimes so difficult to put ourselves into His hands. Our lives and hearts are troubled by the anxiety of our world and these times. We find it hard to give ourselves to the unknown, wanting to fix the future in a certain way, wanting to keep things static. We manufacture and build up a solid and impenetrable identity outside of our true nature in Christ. But Jesus calls us, His disciples to leave our fixed state, to make our lives, like His, dedicated to following God, despite our freedom to do otherwise. It is a paradox that what sometimes fills us with the most anxiety is, too, what will also give us the greatest peace.

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