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  • Today's Gospel Reflection

    Friday 10 July 2020

    Hosea 14:2-10. My mouth will declare your praise – Psalm 50(51):3-4, 8-9, 12-14, 17. Matthew 10:16-23. ‘The Spirit of your...

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Finding God in our World


How do we create space for God in our lives?

Reflections from Catholics exploring our relationship with God through prayer.

6 Jul
To go deeper into the spirit


Our faith calls us to be different – to truly match good works with a belief in the work of the Spirit within us. As...

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30 Jun
Praying for families


This year many families are doing it hard. Refugee families struggle to live day by day. Others are continually anxious about a roof over their...

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23 Jun
Filling in the outline


Classic texts speak to us from throughout the ages, sharing pain, sorrow and joy. They remind us we’re not alone. When I began my Arts...

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Pope’s Prayer

The Pope’s world wide prayer Network is the new name in 2017 for the Apostleship of prayer. It is an International apostolic service entrusted by the Pope to the Jesuits

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