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Daily Prayer

Readings and Reflections

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Finding God in our World


How do we create space for God in our lives?

Reflections from Catholics exploring our relationship with God through prayer.

16 Jan
Happiness in service


Many Madonna readers, I am sure, would have heard the story of the old Cherokee warrior one evening at the camp fire telling his grandson...

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9 Jan
Joy in the presence of God


Joy is different to happiness. Joy brings a deeper warmth and contentment to our hearts. Sitting with the question ‘What does joy mean to me?’,...

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31 Dec
Feast of the Epiphany


The Feast of the Epiphany reminds us that in their Gospels Matthew and Mark gather together stories about the childhood of Jesus, each pointing to...

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Pope’s Prayer

The Pope’s world wide prayer Network is the new name in 2017 for the Apostleship of prayer. It is an International apostolic service entrusted by the Pope to the Jesuits

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