Darkness to light: An afterword

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I have been asked to write an “afterword” for readers who have been sharing in my Journey through Lent.

I should explain that these meditations actually began in Advent 2016 when I was with a dear friend who only had a few months to live. I had been asked to write reflections on the Lenten Gospels and I found myself meditating in company with both my friend and with Jesus.

The death of my friend and the death of Jesus merged into these meditations on the Beloved. I found myself face to face with painful, senseless, cruel death.

I wanted to be closer to Jesus, but something was getting in my way. Meditating on the Gospels in the light of my friend’s faith and hope took me into new territory. In the reality of death I found the costly grace of Jesus’ love. These meditations took me through grief to a deeper trust in divine love, to rejoicing in divine love, and even to believing in resurrection.

Thank you for sharing in my journey. I have learnt again that if I want to be close to Jesus, then I cannot bypass his cross. In this deepening experience of Jesus’ limitless love I am drawn closer to Jesus and I live with equally limitless hope.

These meditations were written in the first person because they are based on my own prayer. I have asked that they remain anonymous, however, because they are not about me, but about God’s love. For this love let us always give thanks.

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