Friday 1 December 2023

About Today Readings

Day of penance

Daniel 7:2–14. Give glory and eternal praise to him – Daniel 3:75–81. Luke 21:29–33.

The magnitude of the Word

As a fiction writer, I am attracted by the drama and fantastical imagery of the beasts in the first reading from Daniel. However, what struck me most strongly was the image of a man honoured above these. It’s startling to think that the coming of the Messiah was so clearly predicted. I had the same reaction to the New Testament reading. The analogy of the fig tree and approaching summer are mundane but the idea of words existing long after heaven and earth are gone is mystifying. The best science fiction writers might be inspired by these writings, but they would struggle to create ideas of this magnitude. It seems sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. If the power of the Lord is incomprehensible, a respect for the magnitude of his Word is enough to make one consider the importance of repentance and prayer.

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