Friday 11 October 2019

About Today Readings

St John XXIII. Day of Penance

Joel 1:13-15; 2:1-2. Psalm 9A:2-3, 6, 16, 8-9. Luke 11:15-26.

The Lord will judge the world with justice – Psalm 9A:2-3, 6, 16, 8-9

‘It is through the finger of God that I cast out devils’

There seems to be a lot of negativity in this gospel. If we look around us today, there is plenty to be depressed about. Mental illness, drugs, modern slavery, forced migration, inequality, climate change, attacks to life issues in many forms. We can be overwhelmed and feel that our faith or church institutions no longer provide adequate responses. Or others experience their faith values or way of life under attack. Jesus’ adversaries focus all that seems to be evil under a title and name: Beelzebul. On the other hand, Jesus speaks of unnamed lesser ‘devils’ and ‘spirits’. Over all of these God is stronger and more powerful. We can look to the Strong One to help us overcome what surrounds us. Let us take his side and draw on his strength to remain there.

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