Friday 13 November 2020

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Day of penance

2 John 4-9. Happy are they who follow the law of the Lord! – Psalm 118(119):1-2, 10-11, 17-18. Luke 17:26-37.

To live a life of love

My newsfeed has been filled with items about the Black Lives Matter protests. Protestors have shown a thirst for justice and the protests are an acknowledgment of systemic problems in institutions that should protect all citizens equally. Mostly these protests have been a peaceful exercise in solidarity and an outpouring of love for humankind. It was shocking then to see footage of a woman spewing vitriol at protestors and vowing to teach her grandchildren to ‘hate’ them and all they stood for. How far that ugly scene was from the second letter of John. ‘To love is to live according to his commandment: this is the commandment which you have heard since the beginning, to live a life of love.’ Sometimes it’s not easy to live a life of love. We all at times give too much headspace to people who vex us, but we are rendered ugly by holding on to hatreds. Let us pray for the courage to live a life with love.

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