Friday 15 March 2019

About Today Readings

Ezekiel 18:21-28. Psalm 129(130). Matthew 5:20-26.

If you, O Lord, laid bare our guilt, who could endure it? – Psalm 129(130).

‘Leave your offering and go and be reconciled.’

Forgiving and being reconciled with those we have fallen out with or hurt is probably one of the most challenging things we face in life.

Is ‘just forgetting’ some unpleasant situation with a friend or relative enough? That would be like leaving a sore uncleansed, unattended. The result is that it festers. As believers in Jesus we can apply words of love with all their healing power.

Jesus wants us to have right and loving relationships, especially within our own families. He wants us to forgive and ask for forgiveness. He asks us not to condemn, not to hold any anger against anyone but to replace resentment with love and mercy. In short, Jesus calls us to love others as fully as he has loved us.

Am I willing to humble myself and go to someone with whom I have strained feelings? Jesus will help!

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