Friday 16 April 2021

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Day of penance

Acts 5:34-42. One thing I seek: to dwell in the house of the Lord – Psalm 26(27):1, 4, 13-14. John 6:1-15.

The feeding of the five thousand

At the time it seemed so simple: Jesus walked,
talked, and healed through Galilee, spoke of Moses,
climbed a mountain, People followed, Jesus fed them.

Looking back, we were actors in Jesus’ play.
Like Moses we climbed the hill;
like a conjurer Jesus watched and waited,
saw hungry people, asked where to buy bread.

But he wasn’t into buying and selling –
just sat the people down, broke a bun or two
and gave them out, same with a few small fish,
took up twelve baskets full of scraps,
and disappeared before they made him king.

He wasn’t into ruling, just feeding beyond all desire.
It makes you ask yourself, ‘What hunger do you have,
and where do you seek bread?’

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