Friday 16 February 2018

About Today Readings

Day of Abstinence. [St Gilbert].

Isaiah 58:1-9. Psalm 50(51):3-6, 18-19. Matthew 9:14-15.

A broken, humbled heart, O God, you will not scorn—Psalm 50(51):3-6, 18-19.

 ‘Why do your disciples not fast?’

In answering this question, Jesus explains the difference between fleeting joy and the deep, quiet joy that endures through trials and tribulations. He tells us that his companions experience an inner joy that nothing can take from them, joy that enables them to have faith and trust in him amid all the chances and changes of daily living.

Jesus, I know the joy you speak about. I know, too, the loneliness and pain of loss when I mistrust you. I also know your unconditional love for me and the deep sense of belonging which allows me to say ‘sorry’ and begin all over again. Deepen within me a spirit of joy that will enable me to lead others to experience your love and companionship as we journey together to the Father.


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