Friday 17 December 2017

Fri 17th. (Seven Founders of the Servites) Day of penance. Genesis 11:1-9. Happy the people the Lord has chosen to be his own—Ps 32(33):10-15. Mark 8:34 – 9:1.


God, our deepest desire.

For a media saturated world that cultivates certain ideas of success, we need to take time to consider where our deepest desires lie.

In today’s Gospel we hear Jesus speak about these sorts of desires. He begins ‘If any want to become my followers … ’ We find that the desire to follow Jesus comes at the cost of entering the pattern of death and resurrection. We may initially lose our bearings as we leave behind the desire for so called success whereby we may seek to ‘gain the whole world’. In following Jesus, the sole promise is life in Christ.

On Jesus’ way we are unsure of the road ahead, but ultimately we trust that we will come to greater life, and some of us will even see ‘that the kingdom of God has come with power’.

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