Friday 22 December 2023

About Today Readings

Day of penance

1 Samuel 1:24–28. My heart rejoices in the Lord, my Saviour – 1 Samuel 2:1, 4–8. Luke 1:46–56.

Radical message of societal transformation

For all its supposed political power over the centuries, Christianity sprouted in a powerless community and remains at heart a radical message of societal transformation. Today’s reading is one of the strongest examples of that, in which Mary talks of God casting down the mighty, lifting up the lowly, and sending the rich away empty.

It’s hard to see how one could take this message to heart and not be moved to tackle injustice. Indeed, as evidenced by so many of our saints, the path to holiness lies not in maintaining our wealth and power but in giving it up for the good of others.

Taking this message to heart, we pray that we and our Christian brothers and sisters might continue to be moved by the radical call of our faith to continue to reach out to those on the margins and help bring about a more just world.

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