Friday 22 September 2023

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Day of penance

1 Timothy 6:2-12. Happy the poor in spirit; the kingdom of heaven is theirs! – Psalm 48(49):6-10, 17-20. Luke 8:1-3.

We pray to remain aware and grateful to the community that supports us

In today’s Gospel reading, we hear about the ministry of Jesus and those who accompanied him. I’ve been thinking recently about the lives of those the apostles left behind. How did their families feel about their ministry?

Someone recently pointed out to me that in the Jewish culture of the time, the idea of someone giving up everything and following a preacher might not have been seen as dishonourable. Indeed, given the work Jesus was doing in the story helping people, this travelling life was a noble one. It was also, as we see in the Gospel today, lived in community – with many others providing for Jesus and his followers ‘out of their resources’.

We pray today that as we seek to follow in Christ’s footsteps, we might remain conscious of the community that’s supported us to this point, and those who continue to support us.

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