Friday 23 August 2019

About Today Readings

Day of Penance

Ruth 1:1, 3-6, 14-16, 22. Psalm 145(146):5-10. Matthew 22:34-40.

Praise the Lord, my soul! – Psalm 145(146):5-10.

‘The whole Law depends on these two commandments.’

The ‘commandments’ people can live by in our society may be very different from the ones Jesus speaks of in today’s gospel: they can capture us as slaves of a materialistic, consumer-driven, empty and stressed world. Yet Jesus’ commandments are simple and free; they speak of love, peace and equality.

Imagine if we all lived by these two straightforward commandments? Wouldn’t the world be a beautiful place? One where every person was valued, respected and treated with dignity? Let’s try to make it happen, starting with how we each live our personal, professional, and relational lives as followers of Jesus.

Lord, we ask you to help us embrace these two commandments, so that we are reminded of the responsibility we have as Christians and fellow human beings to love and care for one another. Give us the disposition of other-centredness that we may help to build a better world.

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