Friday 23 February 2024

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St Polycarp| Day of penance

Ezekiel 18:21–28. If you, O Lord, laid bare our guilt, who could endure it? – Psalm 129(130). Matthew 5:20–26.

First be reconciled with your brother or your sister

Maggie: Jesus, you always complain how strict the scribes and pharisees are. Yet you make even harder rules that are impossible to obey. I mean, who is never angry with others or never swears at them?

Jesus: Yes, Maggie, that’s why I said you should sort it out with them. My point was that faith isn’t just about obeying commandments and religious observance. God invites us to love others in an open-ended way that always asks more of us. You are sinners whom God forgives and invites to follow me. That is the law of love.

Maggie. Thanks for the explanation, Jesus. But your words sounded as if the law of love still has police and jailers to enforce it, didn’t they?

Jesus: Good point, Maggie. But bring in police and jailers and people listen, don’t they? If you know you are a sinner and you trust God, you won’t bother about them.

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