Friday 24 September 2021

About Today Readings

Day of penance

Haggai 1:15 – 2:9. Hope in God, I will praise him, my saviour and my God – Psalm 42(43):1-4. Luke 9:18-22.

You are the Christ of God

Haggai was a prophet devoted to the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem after the Israelites returned from captivity in Babylon, speaking the word of God in 520 BCE. The reading from the Book of Haggai today finds him urging the people to make the Temple equal to or better than the original temple which had been destroyed. In Luke’s Gospel, Peter identifies Jesus as the Messiah. What is interesting is to consider how far the relationship with God had come. Although mightily respectful of what the Temple represented, Jesus was a Messiah who could say, ‘The Kingdom of God is among you’; in other words, the relationship now is intimate and not dependent upon buildings made of stone. The temple represents devotion to God; Jesus would not disagree; but he desires authentic mercy, not Temple sacrifice, and his own body is the Temple which was rebuilt in three days.

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